Pioneering unprecedented, revolutionary, and world-changing Biblical exposition:​
​The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is the author of the 2017 book Silencing the Skeptics: Gospel Contradictions Resolved; the Ultimate Open Challenge to Bart Ehrman. (Previous offerings include the groundbreaking 2015 release The Gospel Matrix: Unveiling the Bible's Hidden Condemnation of Christianity.) Combining thousands of hours of Biblical study with never-before-seen Scriptural assimilation, The Gatekeeper is at the forefront of world-changing insight as the Church Age draws to a close.

​​​From the back cover:

After generations of tedious debate between Bible defenders and Bible skeptics, Christian apologists have continually failed in their attempts to refute Gospel contradictions proposed by Biblical critics. The very fact that repetitive conflict on the matter has persisted into the present day is proof that skeptical minds have never been changed. This long-running stalemate has created the necessity of a revolutionary and unprecedented method of resolving Gospel discrepancies, and that is precisely what Silencing the Skeptics presents.
Providing resolutions that are unconventional while also undeniable, this book offers a great challenge to not only Bart Ehrman and other critics of the Bible, but its Christian proponents as well. The fact is, both camps have been mistaken in emphasizing Biblical literality as the foundation of their Bible analyses, but true resolution to scriptural conundrums can only be accomplished from a perspective that rises above mere literalness. In fact, analyzing the Bible from the proper metaphysical outlook not only clarifies countless Bible inconsistencies, but provides irrefutable verification of the divine authorship of Scripture.
The presentations found here are both timely and monumental, revealing the vital necessity for the Christian Church to awaken to a true understanding of Scripture, and to come to the unity that it now lacks. As Christ’s return is now very near, the world yet slumbers because Christianity likewise slumbers, and the revelations herein will bring all such slumber to an end. Through a Biblical approach that transcends intellectual “scholarship,” Silencing the Skeptics brings to light long-hidden scriptural truths that will awaken Christ’s people to genuine Biblical understanding—to once and for all silence the skeptics.

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From the back cover:

Bible contradictions: the apparent “checkmate” for Biblical critics who relentlessly scrutinize them, and the elephant in the room for Christians seemingly too uncomfortable to face the reality of their existence. For generations, such opposing factions have carried out endless debates concerning textual inconsistencies in Scripture, with no clear resolution achieved. But finally, through an unprecedented scriptural approach, dozens of troublesome Gospel contradictions will now be fearlessly acknowledged and addressed―and irrefutably resolved.
In a manner stranger than fiction, the revelations of The Gospel Matrix bring forth the ironic but undeniable fact that a template of narrative discrepancies throughout the Gospels unveils a long-hidden omen forecasting the much needed destruction of all organized religion, beginning with Christianity. This intentional, intelligently designed network of contradictions also reveals what man must do to unlock the secrets to his own immortality, which will culminate with the return of the living Christ in His Kingdom. In fact, there exists a dire need for His salvific arrival, as humanity is obliviously mired in a simulated Cosmic Matrix that is advancing towards widespread soul-enslavement―a bondage that has already begun through subliminal manipulation of the human populace.
Overall, The Gospel Matrix will leave all readers with no uncertainties about the importance and urgent necessity of a radical and self-directed change of mankind’s spiritually deficient course; a change that can only begin by individually discovering and embracing the Gatekeeper within.

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